SECC has given me so many memories. Working alongside the youth has been amazing, but the best memory I have is most likely watching their hard work come to fruition. As part of the SECC newcomer youth group, participants were asked to attend leadership training. throughout the training the youth played games, learned new skills, made new friends, and volunteered. At the end, the youth were asked to come up with a project that could showcase their ability to be leaders. Several of the youth decided that it would be beneficial to host a soccer tournament for others around the town. The youth picked a location, created flyers, set deadlines for teams to be created, collected the paperwork, and created a schedule. After all the legwork was finished, there was only one thing left to do. Wait. The tournament finally arrived, and the youth performed admirably. With very limited staff help, the leadership team kept things running smoothly, placed the order for food and beverages, and completed the tournament. The day was an amazing success that lead to more youth joining our group on a consistant basis. It meant so much to see where our youth started, to where our youth finished with this project. they’ve done an amazing job and continue to impress year after year. Go SECC Senior youth!!


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